Why Our Hearing Worsens As We Age

The physical process of hearing is a marvel – wonderful sounds like music, conversation with loved ones, waves crashing on shore and more are picked up by our ears and transmitted to our brain for processing.

As we age though, our ability to hear the sounds around us starts to fade. The decline is worse for some than others, but one common fact of aging is your hearing will likely start to decline. Over half of people over the age of 60 have some level of hearing loss.

Medically speaking, age-related hearing loss is called presbyacusis. It typically sets in over a long period of time and affects both ears equally. For most, the decline in hearing primarily affects sounds that are high pitched and high frequency. For example, a ringing telephone or birds singing may become harder to hear.

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A Consumer’s Guide To Arranging a Funeral

If you are planning a funeral, you have many decisions to make. You may feel overwhelmed or confused. You may have questions. Read this brochure to learn more before you make any commitments or decisions.

Choose a funeral home with which you feel comfortable. You and the funeral director will have an arrangement conference. This could be done at the funeral home, your home or, in some instances, over the telephone. If you meet in person, you will be given a General Price List and shown the merchandise available. When you have made your selections, you will be given an Itemized Statement, which, for most funeral arrangements, will include contractual language which legally obligates you to pay the cost of the funeral. If the arrangements have been made by telephone, you will be given the General Price List when you receive an Itemized Statement.

Following are some definitions, regulations, and commonly asked questions which should help you through this process. As the person paying for the arrangements, you are the customer. You have rights. Don’t be afraid to shop around or ask questions!

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