University of South Florida Health Call for Participants

People with dementia often get up at night, turning on appliances, opening doors, even wandering away. Lack of sleep is a common problem for the 15 million caregivers who live with a dementia patient. Chronic stress by itself is a risk factor for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and stroke. “But there are other things at play,” said Meredeth Rowe, a professor at the USF College of Nursing. “That’s why we are trying to untangle this caregiver stress. Stress alone doesn’t have this effect. We’re looking at vigilance and sleep.” Rowe is the lead investigator on a federally funded study of sleep loss in caregivers. We are currently recruiting caregivers for an NIH-funded study that tests interventions intended to improve dementia caregiver sleep and overall health. Our researchers have over 20 years of NIH-funded research that focuses specifically on helping caregivers of persons with dementia. Our goal in this study is to test interventions that improve the sleep and overall health of dementia caregivers. “Caregivers don’t have to leave home or their loved one in order to participate,” she said. “We want to know if the monitoring system improves (caregiver) sleep, and if so, if that improves their biomarkers for heart disease.” Meredeth Rowe RN, PhD is the study principal investigator and has had many funded caregivers studies from National Institutes of Health and the Veterans Administration.

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3 Wise Investments for Seniors

Just because you’ve saved up for retirement doesn’t always mean you’ll have the funds necessary to get you through it. It’s hard to plan for everything that can come with retirement, especially higher medical bills. One thing to consider is that when you’re fully retired, you’re living on a fixed income. If you’re wondering how you can build your retirement account and make your retirement easier—and better—it may be worth considering these different investment opportunities.

Short Term Investments

Short term investments typically involve a lower risk with a lower reward. Not many major companies on the stock market experience drastic fluctuation day-in and day-out, but many of them consistently increase or decrease. Making short term investments in the stock market on a growing stock opportunity can give you short boosts to your funds. Talk with your financial advisor about possible short term investment opportunities worth making now.

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